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Who Is The Famous Christine Reidhead

By Timothy Cook

The internet has become a media platform today. Many individuals are excelling in life thanks to this. One of the famous people today is Christine Reidhead. She has been quite the talk of the town and gaining a lot of attention lately. For those of you who does not know who this person is, this article is perfect for you.

Reidhead is a humanitarian, educator, and a mother. Actively serves those individuals living in her community and outside the community as well, specially those who are experiencing poverty and are in dire circumstances. This wonderful lady enjoys learning new things every day as this helps her grow into a better person continuously.

Being a learner has pushed her to come out of her comfort zone and it has forced her to stretch, challenge, and improve herself. Reidhead was born on June 21, 1979, in the city of Mesa, Arizona. Her parents name are Daniel and Phyllis Cluff. She has four siblings, and she was the youngest among them, three bothers and one sister.

Christine studied secondary school in Benson during 1997. She graduate school from the school Junior college where she played basketball, but it was only for a year. When she moved to Eastern Arizona, she was still able to pay basketball. She graduated in Eastern Arizona College, earning an associate degree and at Prescott, but this time a bachelors degree.

After that, she pursued her career in the University of Phoenix, earning a masters degree in the process. Today, Christine is currently getting her Development Organizational and Leadership doctoral from the University of Grand Canyon. She is currently teaching right now as a professor at Navajo Technical which is located in New Mexico.

A mother of two boys. The reason why she is doing what she is doing right now. She feels that it is important for her to show to her children that every person can do things if you just put your mind into it. The most important thing she wants to show her kids is how important education is and the joy of giving and serving others.

A humanitarian and a passionate individual who wants to serve and give back to the less fortunate and to those underserved communities. She wants to become a part of creating the work into a better place by improving their lives and providing them with good opportunities to have a better future. It is her goal to change the world.

She is going on and off Mexico for fifteen years now, providing the people there with services and food since half of the people in Mexico lives in poverty. The reason for that sad reality is that these people are only getting paid less than 14 dollars a day from doing their work. Which is why she chooses Mexico.

In Africa, she is also the founder of AfrikRising, a nonprofit organization. What they do there is provide the people with basic necessities like food, clothes, and toiletries, along with other services and education. By now, you surely have already understood why this girl is becoming popular.

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